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Plumbing & Heating

K&S Industrial is the place to buy plumbing supplies online! Our supply of plumbing items includes assorted copper pipes, valves (gate, angle stop, pressure relief, radiator, needle, boiler, vent, ball and globe), kitchen and bathroom faucets, Chicago Faucets, faucet replacement parts, flushometers and flushometer repair parts. We have plumbing service tools by manufacturers such as Ridgid, Superior, Cobra and General Wire like drain pipes, pipe threaders, pipe wrenches, snakes, solder, flux, pipe fittings of all types (copper, brass, black, galvanized and PVC (PEC, CPVC and DWV). We offer washroom accessories like towels, soap, toilet tissue dispensers, bathroom trash receptacles and hand driers by manufacturers like Bobrick and American Specialties.

We have everything you need to stay warm in cool weather, including wood stoves, electric baseboard heaters, portable gas and electric heaters and electric radiator heaters. We offer the widest variety of heating and plumbing supplies online.

The air conditioning and refrigeration parts we carry are extensive (including parts for Trane and Carrier). We supply thermostatic expansion valves, liquid and suction line driers, compressors, capacitors, condensing units, reversing valves, thermostats, motors, sight glass and window and wall air conditioning units. K&S Industrial is the place to get your HVAC and plumbing supplies online!

Featured products under "Plumbing & Heating"

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Z1-5C Cold Fauc Barrel

Price: $10.99

Z1-5H Hot Faucet Barrel

Price: $10.99

Z12-2UEW Fauc Cartridge

Price: $32.99

Zero Cut Toilet Bolt

Price: $11.49

Zone Sent Actuator Head

Price: $109.00

Zyla Smart Kit Faucet

Price: $399.99