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Hardware & Farm Supplies

Our hardware supplies consist of everything you need, whether it’s a water garden hose or aluminum wire. We have door and cabinet locks, Masterlock locks,latches, closers, knobs door stops, Velcro, chain, shackles, magnetic nut setters, hinges, padlocks, hooks (ceiling, wall, wall, utility, clothing etc.), shelving brackets, hasps and casters. We carry all drill bit sizes (both Phillips and slotted). We can provide assorted garden and rubber hoses, nozzles, hose connectors, adapters, spigots and the like.

We supply various belts (Gates), pulleys, bearings, chain hoists, assorted slings, gantries, fractional motors (from .5 HP to 5 HP), submersible pumps (Little Giant, trash pumps and circulating pumps (B & G). We can also provide both commercial and industrial shelving and cabinets manufactured by Lyons and Edsal.

Nuts, Bolts and Anchors
K&S Industrial offers a variety of seizes of nails and screws for self-drilling, machine, sheet metal, wood, cap screws, deck screws and sheetrock screws. We also provide a complete line bolts and nuts, washers and anchors (wall, lead, expansion etc.).

We have farming supplies for your farm and garden! We supply everything you need, be it a water garden hose or gardening twine.

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ZN/BRS Box Strike/Plate

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