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Automobiles are a necessity. If you’re looking for car care online, you’ve come to the right place. Maintaining a vehicle can be a necessity or a hobby, and K&S Industrial carries the equipment to help you in either situation. We have everything you need to wax your car into shiny perfection or gauge your tire pressure.

Car Care Online

K&S Industrial offers everything you need for car care online. Whatever you need, we can supply. Everything you need to self-maintain your car is here! Rear-view mirror adhesive, filter heads, octane booster, steering fluid, stop leak and everything else you need is at K&S Industrial. Keep your fleet in great shape by shopping with us!

Featured products under "Automotive"

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Y MTL Shut Off Valve

Price: $7.79

YEL RV Tri Leveler

Price: $34.99

Zep 8OZ Cherry Cleaner

Price: $3.79

Zero Clip Air Freshener

Price: $2.99

Zipnet ADJ Cargo Net

Price: $25.99

ZN Pin Clasp/Chain

Price: $4.99